Urban Renovation of Val Fourré

Urban Renovation of Val Fourré
Urban Renovation of the Peintres et Médecins North Quarter, Mantes-la-Jolie (78)

Client: EPAMSA
Team: Atelier de l’Ile, paysagistes (mandataire) – Après la pluie, Paysagistes sous-traitant – SETU BET VRD – Atelier Albert Amar, urbaniste
Mission: Maîtrise d’œuvre complète

Progress: Chantier
Delivery Date : 2015
Area: 20.000 m2
Cost: 6.000.000€

The project of renovation of the Peintres et Médecins Nord, aims to open up the quarter by the demolition of buildings and the rebuilding of the street plan, to reestabish a larger legibility of public and private spaces and to reestablish the relation that has been lost between the quarter and the Seine, by creating a large landscaped inner harbor that crosses the entire quarter. This major public area receives athletic and leisure equipment: playground, sports fields, places to relax. At the center of the quarter in direct relation to the Fragonard shopping center and the mosque, a square is created on the axe of the landscaped inner harbor.

Photo Crédit: Charles Delcourt