Anne-Sophie Verriest

Anne-Sophie VERRIEST is a landscape engineer graduate of the École Nationale Supérieure de la Nature et du Paysage (ENSNP) in Blois, in 2005.

She brings a sensitive approach to sites and to the economic, social, environmental and landscape relations they generate. She endeavors to reveal the landscape wealth and to enhance the ecosystems confronted with the process of programming in these territories.

Her close relationships with the companies in the SETEC Group and the world of engineering have enabled her to develop and deal in-depth with her technical competences and to comprehend projects on infrastructures, artworks, and hydraulic works.

During these years of professional experience she followed many operations on parks and the landscaping of public spaces where the management of rainwater is an integral part of the landscape project: the Park of  Bois de la Perche in Toury, The garden of the new Ecole Normale Supérieure in Gif sur Yvette, the public  area in the Breuzes business park in Bourges, development of the compensation zone in Vetheuil, development of the public areas in Lille FCB, the urban studies for the development of the Southern part of Châteauroux.