Meisenthal Glassworks

 Meisenthal Glassworks
Rehabilitation of the Meisentha Glassworks site, (57)

Client: Communauté de commune du pays de Bitche
Team: LIN, architectes urbanistes (mandataire) – Après la pluie, paysagistes – BOLLINGER & GROHMAN structure – ICA fluides et VRD – ALTIA acoustique – Architecture et Technique scénographe – BM Forgue économiste – ELIOTH HQE
Mission: Concours

Progress: Livré
Delivery Date: 2014
Area: 14.000 m2
Cost: 12.000.000€

This former glassworks site, located in the heart of the Vosges forests, saw the first experimentations and the start of the glass craftsman Emile Gallé’s activity. The rehabilitation project gathers the activities of a glass museum, a contemporary art center, entertainment, a place for the production of works and the development of artisanal glasswork art around a courtyard.
The project groups the programmatic density, the various facilities and uses on the circumference of the perimeter of the site, at right angles to the easement of the buildings. This formal and constructed setting clearly differentiates the area of the courtyard and the three institutions in the rest of the town.