The Place Sainte-Anne

The Place Sainte-Anne
Landscaping the Pedestrian Sector of the Place Sainte-Anne, Rennes (35)

Client: Ville de Rennes
Team: Altabegoïty Bayle, architectes urbanistes (mandataire) – Après la pluie, paysagistes – OGI, ingénierie VRD
Mission: Concours

Progress: Livré
Delivery Date: Mars 2013
Area: 16.000 m2
Cost: 5.500.000€

The Place Sainte-Anne is a meeting place, a popular location, it is very old and today is one of the most frequented in the North of the city of Rennes.
Historically reduced, then enlarged and altered around Saint Aubin, the square will open for the years to come to the entire city with the arrival of the metro lines and the creation of the Centre des Congrès (Convention Center). These new poles will profoundly modify the square, from both functional and esthetic points of view.
The project integrates the successive historic transformations of the square and structuring projects to come, especially the metro. It is made up as a homogeneous and continual ensemble, connected evidently with the surrounding urban fabric, affirmed by the topography, by the material used and the plantings.
The project is also composed to receive the diversity of uses that the square accomodates: café terraces, second-hand book sellers, a merry-go-round, a market every Thursday and the artists’ market every Saturday morning.