Bois de la Perche Park

Bois de la Perche Park
Creation of a Park for the Management of Rainwater, Toury (28)

Client: Ville de Toury
Team: Hydratec, Ingénierie hydraulique (mandataire) – Après la pluie, paysagistes
Mission: Maîtrise d’œuvre complète

Progress: Etudes
Delivery Date: 2017
Area: 15.000 m2
Cost: NC

While studying the management of rainwater in the Toury community to solve the chronic problems of flooding, the need to create a 3,600 m3 resevoir to stock and filter rainwater on the outskirts of center city became apparent. The project is to develop the potential uses, attractiveness and settings resulting from the necessity to create a hydraulic plant; to make a public park in the heart of the community.
The reservoir becomes the “Parc du Bois de la Perche” and asserts the landscape identity of the valley bottom, creates conditions favorable to quality and harmonious urban development for the inhabitants. The garden allows the rain to express itself in its most tumultuous moments.
The meteorological phenomena appear, impregnate the plot of land, submerge it in water for a set time, depending on the strength of the climatic event. The design of the garden multiplies shapes and the duration of the floods associates corteges of specific plants that enrich the settingss.