Docks Park

Docks Park
Creation of a 12 hectare Park, Docks Urban Development Zone, Saint Ouen (93)

Client: Sequano aménagement
Team: Pascal Cribier, paysagiste (mandataire) – Après la pluie, paysagistes – Berim, ingénierie VRD
Mission: Concours

Progress: Livré
Delivery Date: 2010
Area: 120.000 m2
Cost: 27.000.000€

The Docks area, occupied for over a century by vast industrial holdings, isolated the town from the banks of the Seine. The conquest of this land in favor of the town’s urban renewal translates into an offer of housing, activities and vitality and above all the creation of a 12-hectare park. The Docks park unites the new quarter, offering new avenues of communication with the town center, linking it to the river by re-appropriating the banks of the Seine’s ecological and landscape features.
The presence of water organized the conception of this large garden. The park gets and stocks rainwater from the area; it is galvanized by the water of the river Seine that crosses it.
A large basin is devoted to water activities and relaxation. It is next to the marsh which is a natural reserve that encourages bird nesting.
The hills, created from the material excavated from the site, accommodate the drier, Mediterranean-like gardens and offer panoramas of the Seine, the Broussains plaines, the large lawn made up of trees in very particular shapes. An open road crosses the park, serving the various areas and grouping the features of the park such as community gardens and sports field.