Fort Saint Jean Promenade Garden

Fort Saint Jean Promenade Garden
Enhancement of the MUCEM Garden , Marseille (13)

Client: OPPIC (l’Opérateur du Patrimoine et des Projets Immobiliers de la Culture)
Team: Pascal Cribier, paysagiste (mandataire) – Après la pluie, paysagistes – Setec TPI, Bureau d’Etudes Techniques
Mission: Concours

Progress: Livré
Delivery Date: 2011
Area: 15.000 m2
Cost: 5.700.000€

The creation of a promenade garden within the walls of the Fort Saint-Jean aims to enhance the historical heritage of the site while participating in the dynamic project of the MuCEM and affirming its strategic position as the town’s figurehead. The intricacy of the levels, areas and viewpoints enables the creation of spaces that are particularly attached to the settings of the Fort, its stone remains, walls and its horizons.
The lower paved courtyard is an amphitheater. It gives way to grandstands with the forecourt that becomes a stage.
On the upper level, the gardens are made up of flora from the Mediterranean region, chosen for their ability to adapt to the climatic conditions of the Fort. Beds of low growing plants accentuate the view, while tall ones form dense ecological reserves to prohibit access to dangerous areas. Large areas of recycled gravel and sand define paths; play grounds, picnic areas, and activities. In the casemates of the fort algae-tanks present the hidden and little known Mediterranean marine flora to visitors.