Ecological Corridor Breuzes

Ecological Corridor Breuzes
Creation of an Ecological Quarter and Park in the Breuzes Area, Bourges (18)

Client: Territoria
Team: DMP urbanistes (mandataire) – Après la pluie, paysagistes – Safege ingénierie VRD
Mission: Maitrise d’œuvre complète

Progress: Etudes
Delivery Date: 2025
Area: 30.000 m2 dont 65.000 m2 d’espaces publics et 60 000m2 de parc
Cost: 11.500.000€

The Yèvre and Voiselle wetlands, family gardens and market crops were classified on the list of natural monuments and sites in 2003 affirming the particularity of this landscape at the heart of the Bourges community.
The permanence of the plant background is an asset for the attractiveness of the city of Bourges, although most of the streets are very mineral.
With the 7 hectares of surface dedicated to the park it is possible to transform the Breuzes business park into an important component in the environmental quality in addition to the urban quality of this part of the city.
The variety of landscapes on the site (green spaces, bocage hedges, thickets, presence of conifers mark the landscape…), the proportion of existing green spaces and the presence of an appropriate program can make the plant strategy a base of the project in its own right.