The Après la Pluie agency does complete studies and is general contractor for landscaping and public grounds. The work goes from the analysis of the land, urban studies, preoperational studies, developing projects and technical adaptation and continues on the work site until the completion of the work.

The Après la Pluie team is comprised of two landscape architects/engineers, Anne-Sophie Verriest, Nicolas Renard , all two graduates of the École Nationale Supérieure de la Nature et du Paysage. In its approach to a project the agency simultaneously addresses the technical, poetical and functional dimensions. Après la Pluie is motivated by the desire to create quality grounds, both in the uses and ambiences, in agreement with today’s sustainable techniques.

Après la Pluie’s competence include:

  • landscape projects and urban planning,
  • heritage projects,
  • preoperational studies, programing,
  • ecological engineering,
  • managing the environment,
  • favoring an educational approach,
  • hydraulic engineering.

Après la Pluie has developed a broad practice in teamwork, closely collaborating with the general contractors.

Environmental Approach
The desire to establish an environmental approach requires solving problems of discontinuity, division, and projects only having been partially taken into account. This desire for an environmental approach when dealing with a project imposes holistic reflection and the elaboration of answers that requires adapting the methods of conception, backed by eco-conception, eco-management and eco-worksite philosophy to each situation.

The Après la Pluie agency develops the project with a strong will to sustainable development, such as the affirmation of combined approaches, integrated and long lasting, from the start of the studies, the analysis of the project, to the worksite management.
All the transversal aspects of sustainable development are taken into account: cultural, environmental, social and economic.

From Conception to Worksite Management
The agency works on complete project management, from the phases before to the follow-up on worksites. For each project, Après la pluie establishes coherent teams and guarantees their presence during the entire project. And so, the same representatives carry out the studies and then manage the sites in a logic of continuity and to guarantee a coherent project. They have the control over the smallest details of the project, insure the continuity of relations with the contracting authority and the subcontractor. They guarantee the coherence between the concept and its achievement.

Après la pluie is particularly attentive to the quality of documents it produces, in contents and form. This quality enables broad distribution to the actors in the project as well as being understandable.
Clear presentations using projections and associated hard copies, diagrams, photos, mock-ups, perspectives and a summary let everyone concerned understand the principles of the project, in its technical functioning, and in the landscape ambience created.