Densify to Protect

Densify to Protect
Definition of an Urban and Social Strategy Prior to the Definition of Urban Projects for the Souther part of Châteauroux (36)

Client: Ville de Rennes
Team: DMP urbanistes (mandataire) – Après la pluie, paysagistes – Gérard Le Bihan , programmation habitat – Bénédicte de Lataulade, Sociologie
Mission: Etudes  de programmation, scénario d’aménagement

Progress: Livré
Delivery Date: 2015
Area: NC
Cost : NC

The identification and the revealation of landscape possibilities that enable the evaluation and the qualitative and quantitative improvement of the programmatic hypotheses already put forward for the Southern part of the city.
We are particularly attached to the landscape propositions to keep in mind, or considered, from the pint of view of urban composition, as well as of uses and their social dimensions. The goal of this method is to bring out an ensemble of key elements used as a conceptual basis for the urban and and social strategy, its relationship to the territory, its spatial and volumetrical organization and the technical and architectural principles of functioning, service roads and roads that connect different parts of the area.