Hauts Sainte-Radegonde

Hauts Sainte-Radegonde
Orientation Development for the Creation of an Area of 900 Living Quarters on the Heights of Sainte Radegonde, Tours (37)

Client: Tours Habitat
Team: Anyoji Beltrando, architectes urbanistes (mandataire) – Après la pluie, paysagistes – OTCI, VRD
Mission: Analyse de site, définition des enjeux, de la stratégie et du projet urbain

Progress: Livré
Delivery Date: 2015
Area: 10 ha
Cost: NC

Building almost 900 living quarters on the site means reaching an average density of almost 70 living quarters per hectare. For a city the size of Tours, it is high density that shows real commitment to the process of sustainable development. For the density to be acceptable, there must be urban quality; that means that all the public areas must be qualified accordingly: parks, nature, pedestrian alleys, ordinary traffic streets, collective areas, individual gardens, and so on. The future neighborhood has to make good use of its location: at the intersection of a contemporary city, an active city (jobs high school, tramway, future “Metro” pole) and the Tours countryside included for part in the agglomeration. It is question of moving the project from the situation of “in between” to an urban situation that assumes and takes advantage of the agricultural past by transforming it into a large, structuring park