Recapturing the Petit Bras

Recapturing the Petit Bras
Creation of a Water Treatment Plant, Vetheuil (95)

Client: Ville de Vetheuil
Team: Hydratec, ingénierie (mandataire) – Atelier 251, architectes – Après la pluie, paysagistes
Mission: Maîtrise d’œuvre complète

Progress: Chantier
Delivery Date: 2016
Area: 8.600 m2
Cost: NC

Established in the bed of the Seine, the work on the water treatment plant has eliminated risks of flooding.
The organization of the land with the use of excavated material and backfill integrates the storage of the volumes of water associated with the rises in the river levels; this bulldozing and remodeling of the lower bank will be the opportunity to enrich the wetlands on this part of the banks of the Seine. Likewise, the banks of the water treatment plant have been softened to fit into the banks of the river and to take on a profile enabling the works’ complete integration in the river banks.
The coppice along the avenue is maintained and densified, to preserve the woody curtain that accompanies circuits along the river and allows the water treatment plant to be gently intergrated into its environment.
The plant settings on the banks of the Seine have been preserved and developed, techniques of forestry plantations developed, while respecting the local stations, allowing the natural areas to be recaptured and the development of the biodiversity.